Laft Culture Experience Tour opens for tourists

Laft Culture Experience Tour started its operation in March 2018 and received a lot of tourists during Norooz.

The Tour is run by women villagers and provides tourists with various experiential courses such as henna tattoo, embroidery experience, accessory production, breadmaking, spice making, and seafood cooking.
Each course is operated by the fixed weekly timetable, however additional courses can be arranged according to advance requests.
The tour site is located at town center of Laft old town and easily accessible, close to the jetty (inside Homestay Community Office of Qeshm).

Laft Culture Experience Tour

Laft Culture Experience Tour

Laft Culture Experience Tour

For reservations, please contact the following.


 Tel: (+98)92-32429488

(Farsi only: in case interpretation is needed, please book through tour guides or hotels/guesthouses).

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