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Endowed with Rich ocean

Qeshm Island is endowed with rich ocean with diverse marine creatures. In the same way, tourists can enjoy the attractiveness of the ocean in various ways.

1.	Dolphin Bay

1. Dolphin Bay

Indo-Pacefic dolphins are one of the most common dolphins in the world, and known for their intelligence and communication ability. The sea between Shibderaz and Hengam Island, which is situated at the southernmost point of the Qeshm Island, is called Dolphin Bay. Herds of Indo-Pacefic Dolphins emerging beneath the sea and jumping above the surface can be seen here.

They swim in small groups in this protected area and visitors can see them from the safe distance by boats that local people prepared for dolphin watching. Boats can be chartered at Shibderaz Port and it costs approximately 1,500,000IRR (US$45). Be cautious of shake while cruising, since the speed of boats are fast. Also, obey instructions by boatmen, usually presented before entering the water. Life Jackets are equipped in all boats. Morning is the most suitable time for dolphin watching

2.	Turtle Nesting Beach

2. Turtle Nesting Beach

Just a few minutes east from the Shibderaz Port by car, Turtle Nestling Beach spreads along the coastline of Persian Gulf. Hawksbill sea turtles lay eggs from early March to the early June there, and the eggs hatch out from early May to late July.

Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered in all around the world and have been put on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Hawksbill turtle is one of the five sea turtle species in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea which nest in sandy beach of Shibderaz village every year. During nesting period, the coastline is protected by local people and environment department of Qeshm Free Zone Organization to ensure safe nesting. Eggs are collected and protected at hatchery site for about 2 months. Seeing small turtle babies hatching out of the eggs is one of the most attractive events for tourists as well. People who wish to see these events should be in Shibderaz village at night during March to July and coordinate with the supervisor of sea turtles protected nesting site and visit the site under the supervision of the staff. All visitors should follow the site disciplines like as observing silence and not to use any kind of light in the site.

3.	 Naaz Islands

3. Naaz Islands

 During low tide, these small lands become no longer islands but tied islands, which is attached to shore by an emerged bar-shaped deposition landform called Tombolo. Not only pedestrians but also vehicles can cross the strait through this natural bridge. Tourists and cars are required to go back to the main island beach before the high tide. The sand on the beach is so fine that barefoot walking will give you a pleasant experience.

 In the island, there are several fishermen huts, as well as a beautiful inlet.

4.	 Hengam Island

4. Hengam Island

Hengam Island, with a population of approximately 700 people, is located 2km south of Qeshm. The island is connected with Shibderaz and Kandaloo port by boats From Kandaloo port shared boats for individuals operate. Main industry of the island is fishery and tourism, and tourists can buy handicrafts including ones made from shells, as well as enjoy seafood and experience Persian Henna tattoo. Besides there are some small private houses to accommodate tourists. Also there is a diving club in the village close to the port. The island is generally calcareous and low-lying. Beautiful beaches and coastal cliffs with marine caves are scattered along the coast, and some tourists enjoy swimming and some enjoy camping. Be sure to bring back wastes after visiting these sites. Wild gazelles inhabit in the island, and they are sometimes seen bathed on the coast, especially in hot season. Circle island cruising by boat is available upon request. Coral reefs can be seen through the sea surface. Moreover, marine turtles can be found if you are lucky.

5.	 Golden Beach Resort

5. Golden Beach Resort

Admission: IRR 50,000 per person ( refunded if consuming in the facility )
Situated on the southeastern coast of the island and just south of Khourbas Cave, the Golden Beach Resort offers inclusive marine leisure and especially suitable for family tourists.
On the vast white sand beach in the resort, relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed. Various marine sports are also available. At a two-story glass-walled restaurant, tasty seafood as well as traditional food is provided, along with stunning view of the ocean and Khourbas cave.
The facility also run a resort-type hotel named The Golden Beach Hotel, in which tourists can enjoy vacation stay

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