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Qeshm is one of the best places to play with magnificent nature, and there are variety of programs which fulfil the adventurous ambition of nature tourists. Remember safety first and enjoy precious experience..

1.	 Diving and Snorkeling

1. Diving and Snorkeling

Beautiful coral reefs and variety of underwater lives around Qeshm Island are definitely a great attraction for diving and snorkeling. It will be an exceptional experience to visit the world under the water and to touch the colorful tropical fish swimming around coral reefs. In addition to the beauty of marine lives, wrecked ships around the island enhance the pleasure of diving and snorkeling. There are diving schools both in Qeshm and Hengam Island and some of them have training courses to obtain CMAS international license.
Even novice swimmers can enjoy the underwater world in some area, however, there are certain spots where experienced skills and special equipment are required, so be sure to obey instructions.

Diving services are available at following shops and schools:


Blue Dolphin Marine Entertainment Club Qeshm City
Tel: +98-9172866016 Person in Charge: Mr. Rajaeenot

Dive Persia Hengam Village
Tel: +98-9376069998 Person in Charge: Mr. Hoseinpour

Qeshm Diving Schoo Qeshm City
Tel: +98-9176238077 Person in Charge: Mr. HajMohammadi

Golden Dolphin Diving School Souza town
Tel: +98-9121934194 Person in Charge: Mr. Derakhshan

Sahel Negin Qeshm Diving School Rigou Village
Tel: +98-9171631053

Coral Dolphin Qeshm Diving School Qeshm City
Tel: +98-9171630366

2.	 Other Marine Sports and Activities

2. Other Marine Sports and Activities

In some diving shops various marine sports are available, and especially suitable for family tourists. Programs include Banana Boat, Glass-bottomed Boat, Shuttle, and Jet Ski. For details, contact diving shops mentioned in Diving and Snorkeling.

3.	 Paragliding

3. Paragliding

Paragliding tours are available in Qeshm in winter season. It will be a significant experience Flying over the vast blue water of Persian Gulf and Green field of Hara mangrove, or over the breathtaking landscape of geosites. Note that understanding of safety regulations beforehand and obedience of instructors at any time are required to all of participants.

Paragliding tours are available at a following shop.

Aseman Abi (Blue Sky)
Mobile: 09337777596
Address: End of Marzbanan Blvd, Qeshm City

4.	 Biking

4. Biking

Touring around rural villages and marvelous geosites in Qeshm will be a unforgettable experience. Although there are no regular tours, touring services including supporting car are available at several travel agencies and rental bike shops including the followings; ********************. For bringing your bicycle In Qeshm, Both Bandar-ePol to Laft ferry and Bandar Abbas to Zakeri ships will bring your bike into Qeshm. Winter is the best season for touring, however chance of rain is relatively high, so bring raingears. When riding, be careful of vehicles since usually they run at a high speed. And be sure to bring enough water and emergency food. Also, bringing cellular phones for emergency is highly recommended. 

5.	Trekking

5. Trekking

Trekking around geosites is a great opportunity to find profound fascinations of nature. Every single time you look around, tiny new discoveries such as shining minerals in rocks, tiny flowers, and insects which inhabit in the desert. Recommended routes includes walking through Roof of Qeshm and Top of Namakdan Salt Dome. In any cases, accompany of a nature guide is necessary in terms of knowledge and safety. Nature guide arrangement is available at travel agencies including *****************************.

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