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Taste the authentic Qeshm dishes

Variety of Foods

Needless to say, food experiences which are new to us is important to deepen the joy of travel. Qeshm is known for Iranians as shrimps. Although standard Iranian food such as Kebob is widely available, various kinds of authentic Qeshm dish utilizing variery of foodstuff can be enjoyed in Qeshm.

1.	 Seafood

1. Seafood

Seafood is most authentic dish in Qeshm. While Shrimp (called maygu) Kebob and Shrimp Stew are popular for tourists, Fish Stew (called ghalieh mahi) and Kabob of Fish such as bream and mackerel are available in some restaurants, especially seaside restaurants scattered around in southern suburb of Qeshm City and Park e Zeytoon. Flaked shark is also common in Qeshm. It does not have a fishy smell and easy to chew. At some restaurants around boat Jetties and Hengam Island, Lobsters can be served.
Some of the restaurants which serve seafood include followings.

Restaurant  Address Tel
Shabhaye Talai In the Park e Zeytoon 09363974103 (Mobile)
Naeem restaurant Imam Gholi Khan Squre (East of Qeshm City Center) 07635242494
2.	Goat Kebob

2. Goat Kebob


In general lamb and chicken are the most general foodstuff in Iran, goat kebob is also popular especially among Iranian tourists. They can be served in the following restaurants:

Restaurant  Address Tel
Setareh Jonoob In front of ANA Hotel 07635223505
Khanboom Traditional restaurant Khalij Fars Street (East of LuLu Shopping Center) 07635241313


3.	 Home-style dishes

3. Home-style dishes

In Iran, as a proverb “The best chef is at home” shows, home dishes include wide variety of dish which have been nurtured in the tradition of the island. Although many of the restaurants are exclusive for dine-out dishes such as Kebob, some restaurants serve home-style dishes. Also, in some guesthouses homemade dish can be enjoyed, even though you are not staying there. Some of the places for home style dishes are as follows:

Restaurant  Address Tel
Delshodegan Restaurant(Gilan food) In front of  Apadana Twin Tower,Payam street, Pajuhesh Blvs, Nakhl Zarrin 07635248360
Badil Restaurant In front of  Apadana Twin Tower,Payam street, Pajuhesh Blvs, Nakhl Zarrin 07635242550
Mr. Amini’s House Main Road West, Tabl village, next to Eman (Islah) Mosque


(By request)

Haft Rangoo Inn Haft Rangoo

09179032762(By request)

Assad’s Home Stay Doulab

(By request)


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