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Although official language in Iran is Persian, which is generally called Farsi, local people usually speaks Bandari dialect. Bandari belongs to the southwestern group of the Iranian languages and songs in Bandari are popular especially among urban people. Some people speak Arabic. English is spoken in travel agencies and some hotels, but in general limited number of people speak English, therefore to learn limited number of Basic Persian words will be a help


Unlike mainland Iran, Qeshm people are mainly Sunni. In Qeshm there are both Sunni and Shiah mosques, and they are easily distinguished by the number of minarets; Sunni mosques have a single minaret, while Shiah mosques have double. Every single village has at least one Sunni mosque in it.
As well as the mainland, women tourists are required to keep scarf on and hide your skin at all times. On the other hand for male tourists half sleeved shirts are allowed, though short-pants are prohibited in public spaces.

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