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Emergency call for ambulance: 115
In Qeshm, the most probable health concerns are dehydration, sunstroke, and heatstroke. Not only in summer but also in winter sunshine is harsh in the daytime, so do not forget prepare water and sun blocks before you go out. It is worth considering bringing some salts to help absorbing and supply minerals.
In general public health condition is relatively good and medical services are available for tourists in Qeshm, though usually pre-payment is required in hospitals. Malaria is present in Persian Gulf coastal region, but reports of getting infected is rare. Local people drink tap water but for travelers it is advisable to avoid unless it is boiled.
For ecotours, it is advisable to prepare basic first-aid kit such as adhesive tapes and antibacterial ointments, as well as medicines including cold remedy and antidiarrheal drugs.
Toilets for local people are usually squat-style, though I hotel rooms there are western style. Also, local toilets do not equip toilet paper and instead water showers are equipped. Toilet paper is available at grocery stores, but when using it do not out sheets in the bowl but in the bin. Usually toilets are cleanly maintained.

Major hospitals in Qeshm are as listed.

Hospital List
Payambar Azam Hospital
Tel: 076-35212530
Address: Beside Desalination System, Nariman District, Qeshm
Postal Code: 7951177810

Shahid Dara Hospital
Tel: 076-35249374
Address: First Entrance, Sam o Zal District, Qeshm

Shahid Zakeri Health Centre
Tel: 076-35222759
Address: Shafa Circle, Vali Asr Blvd, Qeshm




Emergency call for police: 110
Social security condition is good in Qeshm and felonious crime is rare, but naturally be well prepared for thieves and pickpockets.
Night out is not especially dangerous; in summer local people tend to go out at night rather than daytime.
Traffic accidents are frequent in Iran. Although reckless driving is not often in Qeshm compared to mainland, be careful when crossing the street or even getting on cars. Fastening passenger seatbelt is necessary and it is better not to doze while riding, since speeding is very common.
As well as mainland Iran, alcohol is strictly prohibited. Buying smuggled alcohol can result in harsh penalty. Also, to drug possessors, death penalty can be applied.
Technically foreigners are required to bring passports, but actually some hotels keep passports of the guests, therefore it is advisable to bring a photocopy of your passport.

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