Country Code: 98

International call dial from Iran: 00


1.    Mobile Phone

MTN Irancell and MCI have wide coverage of mobile network. SIM Card is available at mobile phone shops, which are concentrated around old market near Zakeri port. Mobile phones of various brands are also available, though iPhones are rarely found.

Both international and domestic calls are relatively cheap, whickh costs approximately $0.07 per minute and $ 0.5 per minute respectively. Top up service is available at mobile phone shops and grocery stores.


2.    Fixed-line phone

Although conventional phone even cheaper, public phones are rarely found. Using phones in hotels would be the most convenient way. International calls cost approximately $0.2 per minute, unless hotels charge commission. Collect call service is not available.


3.    The Internet

 In Qeshm most hotels and guesthouses, and some restaurants equip wi-fi connection and usually free. However connection speed is generally slow and unstable.

Be noted that many of U.S. based web services cannot be accessed, such as facebook, twitter, and yahoo. Also some of webmail services such as gmail can be blocked. If you need to contact via webmails, download VPN service beforehand.


4.    Post

 Postboxes are rare so it is needed to visit a post office if you send mails. Sending an international postcard costs around US$1. Not only general postal services but also EMS and other international delivery services are available at post offices.

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