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Qeshm is the largest Island in the Persian Gulf, with 1,700 sq km width, and has population of over 130,000. The eastren part of the island is populous, especially concentrated on Qeshm City and Dargahan. However, the rest of the island is rural in general.
The island is located on the division between Arabian Plate and Eurasia Plate, and their plate drift makes the island geologically active, thus caused repeated upheaval and subsidence, followed by erosion. Accordingly, various topographies such as Stars Valley were created. Besides, a huge Salt Dome which was created deep under the earth and emerged to the Island made its land structure even more complexed.
According to historical records, Qeshm was famous as a trade and navigation center. Manufacturing of traditional Lenge Boat has been inherited for centuries. Marco Polo, a great traveler in 13th century, also mentioned Qeshm in his writing. Qeshm has been invaded by different nations including Portugal, Netherlands, Oman, and England, and that influenced on the culture of Qeshm. Finally, Qeshm was liberated by Imam-Gholi Khan during Safavid era.
In 1991 Qeshm was designated as a Trade and Industrial Free Zone by the Iranian Government, and it has been contributing to attract industries and tourists.
However, traditional lifestyle and natural beauty are well preserved to today, and its uniqueness makes the Island more characteristic.

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