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Qeshm has frequent networks with mainland, as well as newly opened international route with Oman.


1.   Domestic Routes

(1)   To / From Bandar Abbas (Approximately 35 minutes to 1 hour)

Depart from Zakeri Port (Located in the northern part of Qeshm city, close to the old town)

Speed Boat (Passenger Only) Approximately every 15 to 30 minutes (leave when full)

                                                                                    Fare: IRR150,000.-

(2)   To / From Bandar-e Pol (7 minutes)

Depart from Laft-e Kohneh (Located at the northernmost of the island)

Ferryboat (Both for vehicles and passengers) Approximately every 60 minutes (leave when full),

operates 24 hours                                                                                  

Fare (1 vehicle): IRR230,000.-

Tax: IRR600,000


2.   International Routes to / from Khasab, Oman (Approximately 90 minutes)

Depart from Bahman port (Located at southern part of Qeshm city, close to shopping center district):       

Speed Ferry (Only passengers) Operated by National Ferries Company, Oman

Operates on Thu, Sat (Khasab – Bahman – Bandar Abbas route)    25 omani Rial ( Approximately us $65 )


Omani visas are required for visitors, visas can be obtained at Khasab port:

Valid for 10 days : 5 Omani Rial ( Approximately US $13)

Valid for 30 days : 20 Omani Rial ( Approximately US $52 )




Schedules are subject to change without notice




  National Ferries Company

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